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Dear International readers. Welcome to the official website of the Israel Exotic Fruit Socitey. Our regular website appears in Hebrew and can be accessed by anyone with a knowledge of our ancient language. For those of you who still have not mastered Hebrew, we will present an International version in English which will endeavor to provide you with a special window to the workings of our society and the knowledge that we aquire and share with each other. You are welcome to join us in our love of, appreciation for, and inquisitiveness about the rarefruits of the world.
The Israeli Exotic Fruit Society was established in 1989.We currently have 400 members from all over the country who represent almost every facet of our multicultural and multiethnic society. What we all have in common is a love of exotic and rare fruits. Some of us are professional growers who live on the land, others have a small backyard orchard or garden, while others live in high rise apartment buildings and just simply appreciate these wonderful fruits.
Our society strives to enhance the knowledge of exotic fruits not only for our own members but also for the public at large. We hope to introduce many new palates to this wonderful world and to make these fruits available to as many people as possible.
The Israeli Exotic Fruit Society organizes gatherings several times a year. Some of these meetings are in the form of workshops and lectures, while at other times our familiarization with our rarefruits takes place during field trips which are held mostly in Israel but which at times have led us to China, South Africa, Vietnam and Thailand as well.
Often during our fruitful get-togethers, we exchange plant material with each other and thus, fruits are challenged to grow in new climactic situations or with a previously untried soil structure and composition. On occasion, the new locations bring out superior qualities that had previously been masked in their original locations.
On other occasions, the society participates in various agricultural gatherings in Israel where information about rarefruits is provided to the visitors together with an opportunity to taste some of the rarefruits themselves.
Recently, the Israeli Exotic fruit Society has ventured into cyberspace and our new website is now available to all rarefruit lovers for whom knowledge about these special fruits is a serious business. As with wine conaisseurs, we rarefruit lovers can express on our site, our appreciation for these wonderful creations that awaken almost all of our senses when biting into or just viewing these beautiful exotic masterpieces. The website also provides a question and answer forum for discussion of problems that arise when growing the various fruits. The website is administered by the duly elected society board members, whose term of representation is one year and who fulfil this task as volunteers.
Please note that all the photos used on our website were taken in Israel. Additionally, in order to accurately represent the actual degree of acclimatization of the various fruits in our country, none of the posted photos have been retouched or improved upon by using any technique digital or otherwise.

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